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Living room with area rug and clean wood-look flooring

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Bright living room with vinyl flooring

Choosing Home Design Colors that Coordinate with Your Floors

When it comes to indulging in the latest home design trends, it can be tricky to find a balance around what colors and styles to heavily invest in. Every year there are so many eye-catching shades and textures that surge in popularity that it’s hard to resist not using all of them! A great place to ...

Kids friendly living room with low pile carpet

The Most Durable Flooring. A Guide on Scratch, Stain and Waterproof Options

When it comes to choosing flooring, durability is often a main consideration. We need wood flooring to resist scratches from dog nails, carpet to resist wine stains and tile to resist discoloring, to name a few scenarios. But which options should you choose to keep your home looking clean and new? ...

Stacks of flooring planks

Five Reasons To Shop For Flooring Locally

You have finally made the decision—you are ready to transform your home with new flooring. You may have even selected the type and style of flooring you need. But another important decision looms: Where is the best place to buy? Today's shopping options are almost as varied as the number of flooring ...